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Congratulations to Dr. Catalina Ratala who successfully defended her PhD thesis titled 'Behavioural and Neural Evidence for Processes Underlying Biases in Decision-Making'. We are incredibly proud of her reaching this major milestone, and delighted to have celebrated with her and her friends and family in Rotterdam.

Alan gave a talk at the "Advances in the Study of Affect and Politics" workshop at the Royal Dutch Science Academy in Amsterdam. Speakers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines (political science, public policy, governance, psychology, neuroscience) presented on a wide range of topics that connected to emotions and politics.

Congratulations to Tom van Gestel who successfully defended his thesis for the degree, MSc in Science, Management and Innovation. Tom produce an excellent thesis in our lab this year in which he investigated decision-making in the context of sustainable transportation. Well done, Tom! We look forward to celebrating your graduation (and officially bestowing you with the title 'Master') very soon!

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