Alan recently returned (virtually) to University College Dublin, where he gave a talk about findings from the lab at the UCD Psychology Lunchtime Seminar Series.

This year we are pleased to welcome Lisa Rosenberger as postdoc in our lab! Lisa has a PhD in neuroeconomics and psychology from the University of Vienna. In addition to her role as postdoctoral fellow, she will also serve as research fellow at our Radboud Center for Decision Science. Welcome to the team, Lisa!

The Radboud Center for Decision Science was recently selected to present at the Dag van het Gedrag 2021, hosted by the Behavioural Insights Network Nederland. The online conference included over 850 experts in academia, industry and policy interested in the application of behavioural science to policy. During the Center's session, participants heard about recent advances and the potential implications and application of cutting-edge research to policy, presented by Alan (Donders Institute/Behavioural Science Institute), Jana Vyrastekova (Nijmegen School of Management) & Marijn de Bruin (Radboudumc). You can watch the full session here: