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Two of our lab members, Sarah Vahed (PhD student) and Huzefa Mandasaurwala (MSc student) presented their research at this years' annual conference of ASPO (Association of Social Psychology Researchers in the Netherlands) held in Utrecht. During the event, Sarah presented her work on harm online as part of a panel focused on "Judgment and Decision-Making". This study was conducted together with the Law Faculty, under our Radboud Center for Decision Science. Huzefa presented a poster on trust online which he conducted during his previous studies in India. For his great work and impressive poster, Huzefa was the recipient of the Dancker Daamen Award for the best poster at the conference. Congratulations to both!

Last week Eric Feddeck (current PhD student) officially graduated from his Master's and received his diploma! Well deserved, congratulations!

Alan recently presented at the Center for Neuroscience & Society at the University of Pennsylvania. His talk was titled 'Designing more effective social policy with decision neuroscience' and was presented to a broad audience. Watch the full video here.

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