We are excited to share Alan's recent lecture entitled "Why do you get angry when you are treated unfairly?" presented to Universitiet van Nederland. In his lecture, Alan explains how you make different decisions when you feel treated unfairly. Watch the full video here!

Upasana and Thai both graduated with their Masters degree this week! Upasana was in Nijmegen to collect her degree in person, while we are celebrating at a distance together with Thai. Congrats to both on this fantastic achievement!

Welcome Omer! Omer recently moved to the Netherlands from Turkey where he studied psychology at Ankara University. He is currently a first-year research masters student at the BSI, and is interested in the neural basis of moral, political and religious behaviour, and decision-making in general. He will hopefully be completing his master’s thesis next year in our lab. In his free time, Omer enjoys traveling and discovering new places. We hope you enjoy your time with us, Omer!