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On 29 June, the Radboud Center for Decision Science, led by Alan, began its exciting collaboration with the City of Nijmegen, hosting a decision science symposium for civil servants from the municipality. During the session, Alan provided attendees with the latest insights on decision neuroscience developed from our lab and facilitated practical discussions on how to utilise this knowledge within policy decisions. This event marked the start of a series of activities aimed at showcasing the Center's expertise to the City's policy specialists, fostering collaboration between researchers and community members. The collaboration was made possible by a generous grant from the European Commission. Visit the Center's website ( to stay ahead of upcoming events related to this exciting initiative.

As the end of the academic year (and summer) approaches, our lab recently organised a retreat that provided a valuable opportunity for introspection and personal development. Throughout the day, our discussions revolved around the purpose of our research and its broader societal implications. We were very fortunate to welcome guest speakers, Jonas Wachner from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Kim Hoeks from Nijmegen Gemeente, who shared their insights on applied (behavioural) research and the practical application of our findings for the betterment of society. Moreover, we dedicated time to exploring the fundamental steps and skills necessary for a successful academic career. The retreat served as a great source of motivation and focus for our lab members and their research.

The Radboud Center for Decision Science, led by Alan, recently released the first episode of its' podcast, Split Decision. In the first episode, Alan shares his insights on the fundamentals of decision science and how it can help us better understand ourselves and the world. He also shares some research from the lab. Listen to the full episode below, and follow the podcast (co-hosted by Sarah) here ( for its' monthly releases:

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