Congratulations to Brittany who recently graduated with her Masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience! Well done Brittany on this fantastic achievement! We are also particularly happy that Brittany will continue to be part of our lab, in addition to taking up her new position as Assistant Course Coordinator at the Psychology Faculty here at Radboud University.

Achiel was recently invited to present a seminar talk at the Psychology Department at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. The title of his talk was "Cascading recall results in the sampling of indirect memories", during which he presented his work on memory and decision-making (which included showcasing these cute/terrifying creatures that form part of his research). Intrigued? Feel free to reach out to Achiel to learn more!

We are excited to share Alan's recent lecture entitled "Why do you get angry when you are treated unfairly?" presented to Universitiet van Nederland. In his lecture, Alan explains how you make different decisions when you feel treated unfairly. Watch the full video here!