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Annual Lab Retreat

Our lab recently held an exciting lab retreat, bringing all of us together, and allowing us to engage in stimulating discussions and collaborative activities. We used this time as a team, to reflect on our progress, share insights, and plan for the future. The retreat kicked off with a thought-provoking session on recognizing the role that effective communication plays in our work, and considering how we each can expand our skills. Another focus of the retreat was on refining our tasks and experimental designs, by questioning what it is that we are exploring. We reviewed current projects, evaluated methodologies, and discussed approaches to improve our research processes. Looking ahead, we dedicated a session of the retreat to reflect on the future of decision neuroscience. We explored emerging trends, current challenges and new potential targets for our work. It was both an inspiring and really fun day, not lacking adventure, and we all benefited from taking a step back to see the greater picture. Looking forward to an exciting year!


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