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Jeroen's experience at the Brain Camp in Santa Barbara, California

This summer (26 June - 7 July) I attended the Kavli Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience, or Brain Camp for short . This annual two-week summer school brings together 70 PhD students and postdocs from around the world at the University of California, Santa Barbara, for a high-intensity curriculum featuring state-of-the-art talks about two central themes, hands-on workshops, and social activities. The second week’s theme was Computational perspectives on the brain in psychiatric and neurological disorders. These lectures, curated by Ray Dolan and Robb Rutledge, featured a lot of inspiring decision-making and modeling research. And the ‘networking opportunities’ in the evenings and weekends were excellent too. I made a bunch of new friends in the field and wholeheartedly recommend Brain Camp to everyone!

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