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Inge's poster presentation at SANS 2016 (New York, USA)

Inge has been to New York for the Social Affective Neuroscience Society's annual conference, where she presented her poster titled "Everyday decision-making under scarcity". Inge herself has described the experience as follows. "The Social and Affective Neuroscience Society Conference in New York was an extremely informative and fun time. Jay van Bavel and Mauricio Delgado did a great job organizing it. There were lots of very interesting talks by Mahzarin Banaji, Malcolm Gladwell, John Caccioppo and Matt Lieberman. On top of that, the conference is relatively small and has an intimate atmosphere which was great for presenting my poster. A lot of people showed interest and I received great feedback and enthusiasm about my work from colleagues from the field. Overall a great experience!"

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