Jeroen's PhD defense

We were delighted to welcome back Jeroen from his postdoc at Brown University for his PhD defense. He handled the stress of this big occasion extremely well, and was very composed throughout. After a nice presentation of his research (in Dutch), we had an enjoyable academic discussion with his defence committee (in English), followed by an even more enjoyable party. Congrats Dr. van Baar!

Decision Neuroscience symposium

The lab held a successful Decision Neuroscience symposium at the Donders Institute, with informative and engaging presentations from Tali Sharot (UCL), Bahador Bahrami (LMU Munich), Reinoud Kaldewaij (Donders) and our own Inge Huijsmans.

New paper!

Catalina's paper on the catecholaminergic modulation of trust decisions is now in press in Psychopharmacology. See the publication tab for more details!


Donders Centre for

Cognitive Neuroimaging

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