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Afreen Khalid

PhD Student, Radboud University

Afreen Khalid is currently a Ph.D. student at Radboud University. She also completed her MSc in Behavioural Science at Radboud University. In her Master's thesis, she investigated the effects of transitioning across wealth levels on distributive preferences in an economic game. During this project, she collaborated with Prof. Alan Sanfey at the Decision Neuroscience Lab, Dr. Bernd Figner at the Decision, Development and Psychopathology Lab ad Dr. Ethan Young at the Developmental Evolutionary Ecological Psychology Lab. 


Her research interests include prosocial behaviour, empathy, intergroup conflict, prejudice, (effective) altruism, and inequality. More generally, she is passionate about open science, reproducibility, improving statistical practices, and the philosophy of science.


When she's not figuring out why and when people do good things, she enjoys reading fantasy and science fiction literature, poetry, and popular science books. She also enjoys listening to a wide range of music (from Irish folk to heavy metal) and drinking her weight in coffee. 
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