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X U   G O N G

PhD Student

Alan Sanfey

Principal Investigator

André Klapper

Post-doc Researcher

Ili Ma

Post-doc Researcher

Peter Vavra

PhD Student

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After having obtained her Master's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at the National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning of Beijing Normal University, China, Xu joined the Decision Neuroscience Lab as a PhD student.


Her current research interests are mainly focused on understanding the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying human social behaviors.


Especially human social decision-making, as well as what are the motivations (or namely social utilities) that drive our social behaviors; basically, Xu wants to learn more about how social contexts affect human cooperation.

Journal Publications

Specifically, Xu is interested in how social interactions (e.g. communications) modify trust and pro-social decisions; how social emotions play roles in social decision-making; how cultural or individual factors shifted behaviors in the social context, and so forth.

In her spare time, she likes reading books, traveling with friends, cooking Chinese food, listening to music, running and playing table tennis and badminton.

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