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Sofia was born in Verona, a very beautiful city in the North-East of Italy. She's a third year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Padua University (Italy), and spent her second year doing an Erasmus of 10 months at Aberystwyth University in the UK.

In the past she had the possibility to do some Clinical Experiences in Psychiatric Hospitals, but now she is ready to follow her scientific interests and discover the world of Neuroscience. For this, she won an Erasmus scholarship to do an Internship of two months at the Donders where she will be working on the topic of resource scarcity, and collecting both behavioral and fMRI scanning data.

Journal Publications

Sofia has always been interested in the mechanisms underlying our cognition and how they can be influenced by external variables and contexts. She likes to think about investigating functions of the brain through scientific measurements and devices because they can give us a more concrete idea of how these mechanisms work.

One of the things Sofia most enjoys doing is travelling. She has recently been to Vietnam volunteering as an English teacher. After a busy day on books and reading she loves to free her mind through sport. She has been playing volleyball for 12 years now and still has a lot of fun in doing it. She enjoys spending time by herself sometimes, but she much prefers sharing it with people chatting or doing things. She also loves music and attending concerts.

Sofia has not yet published any peer-reviewed papers.

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