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J E R O E N   V A N   B A A R

PhD Student

Alan Sanfey

Principal Investigator

André Klapper

Post-doc Researcher

Ili Ma

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Peter Vavra

PhD Student

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Jeroen van Baar (1990) obtained his bachelor’s degree from University College Utrecht and his master’s in Neuroscience & Cognition from Utrecht University. During his master’s he spent seven months training with Catherine Tallon-Baudry in Paris. He’s been a PhD student in the Decision Neuroscience Lab since February 2014.


Jeroen’s work focuses on the motivations underlying moral behavior. In practice, this means that he attempts to disentangle different motivations underlying decisions in various economic games. He does so by combining computational modeling with functional magnetic resonance imaging.


Journal Publications

In 2014, Jeroen’s book ‘De prestatiegeneratie: een pleidooi voor middelmatigheid’ was published by Atlas Contact. Other semi-scientific work by him appeared in De Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, De Groene Amsterdammer and Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. Jeroen also did popular science gigs with Famelab Netherlands and De Kennis van Nu.


In his free time, Jeroen loves playing the guitar, reading and hanging out with friends. Twitter: @jeroen_van_baar. Email: j [dot] vanbaar [at] donders [dot] ru [dot] nl

Jeroen has not yet published any peer-reviewed papers.

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