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E L I S A   V A N   D E R   P L A S

Master's Student

Alan Sanfey

Principal Investigator

André Klapper

Post-doc Researcher

Ili Ma

Post-doc Researcher

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Before starting her internship of her Research Master in Brain and Cognitive Science, Elisa has spent time at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Oxford. At the Decision Neuroscience Lab, she aims to use computational modeling and fMRI techniques to gain insight into how and to what extent prior knowledge affects social decision making.

Elisa van der Plas is doing a Research Master in Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Amsterdam. Elisa just came back from the University of Oxford, where she worked together with Dr. Molly Crockett on a Python-based Diffusion Decision Model (e.g. DDM) of moral decision-making.

Journal Publications

At our lab, she will continue to use a model-based approach to explain social decision-making with both artificial neural networks and imaging techniques.

In her free time, Elisa is an active member of the national and local Green Party, where her specific interests lie in international sustainability and gender equality. She loves spending her early mornings rowing on the rivers of either Nijmegen or Alkmaar, reading (audio)books, learning new languages and organizing activities with her party. Visit her personal webpage here.

Elisa has not yet published any peer-reviewed papers.

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