Thai Quoc Cao

MSc Student

Thai Quoc Cao acquired his Bachelor Degree in Psychology at the Vietnam National University, and is now a second-year Master Student in Behavioural Science at Radboud University, Nijmegen. His main goal is to apply his scientific skills to tackle practical issues such as poverty, climate change, and science communication. His minor thesis investigates a method to communicate public consensus about climate change to climate change deniers. Regarding his master thesis, Thai is working under Alan's supervision to examine how a scarcity mindset can influence people's economic decisions under risky and indeterminate circumstances. 

In his free time, Thai enjoys writing short poems in Vietnamese, mindfulness walking (i.e. walk very slowly), and practising Brazilian jiu-jitsu (i.e. hug people vigorously). 

Donders Centre for

Cognitive Neuroimaging

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