Ili, Inge, Jeroen, Magdalena, and André presented their posters at Donders Poster Sessions 2017

The Decision Neuroscience Lab was well represented at this year's Donders Poster Sessions. No less than 5 of our lab members presented their research posters: Ili, Inge, Jeroen, Magda, and André! Additionally, Alan was part of the jury and had to decide who made the best poster. Check out the full photo gallery (by clicking on the photo) to see some of our people in action! Well done everybody!

Flavia and Jeroen attended the NVP Winter Conference 2017

Flavia and Jeroen attended the NVP Winter Conference 2017 in Egmond aan Zee, 14-16 December. Aside from many other scientific highlights (great keynotes, fascinating talks, cool posters), Jeroen organized a symposium on ecologically valid social experiments together with Eliska Prochazkova and Michael Giffin from Leiden University and Karin Roelofs from the Donders. The four of them presented various ways of making the science of social decision-making more realistic at the level of experimentation, measurement, computational modeling, and neuroimaging analysis.


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