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Hyemi Jin is a Cognitive Neuroscience research master student at Maastricht University, specializing in Neuroeconomics and she recently joined the Decision Neuroscience group in Donders Institute for her research internship. Throughout her studies her range of interests has been continuously expanding; the most recent topic of interest to her is the effect of group membership on decision making.

Previously, Hyemi obtained her bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ewha university in South Korea. She enjoyed the clear logic and mathematical approach in economics, however, at the same time, she felt that a large gap exists between economic models and real life behavior.

Journal Publications

To further understand and attempt to close the gap, she moved to The Netherlands and jumped into the field of Neuroeconomics.

The Neuroeconomics master's curriculum exposed her to a tremendous amount of knowledge, ranging from classical economic models to neuroscientific methods such as EEG, fMRI and TMS. This interdisciplinary environment led her to develop a wide range of interests. She is interested in how social emotion, especially guilt and empathy, affects decision making, as well as how people react to betrayal and the factors that play a role in this response, and last but not least gender differences in decision making.

In her free time, she enjoys baking, cooking spicy food (which is a great antidote for stress), watching movies and playing with her two beautiful cats; Bongi and Luna.


Hyemi has not yet published any peer-reviewed papers.

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