Elijah Galvan

MSc Student

Elijah Galvan is currently a first-year master's student in the BSI, having just graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. His fundamental research interests primarily center around risky decision-making in social contexts - particularly the extent to which particular phenomena observed in purely economic paradigms can be generalized to more precisely predict human decision-making in more complex environments. In our lab, he will be investigating the role of trust: does it only serve the purpose of informing probabilistic assessments in a given decision space or does it have some intrinsic value which factors into our choices? 


Elijah is also currently working in a think tank investigating the social, psychological, and economic impacts of basic income. He is broadly interested in applying findings from social and decision neuroscience to inform legal and policy proposals that will serve to remediate the structural inequalities present in his country. For this reason, he plans to pursue a joint JD-PhD when he returns to the United States following the completion of his master's program. During his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing and fishing.

Donders Centre for

Cognitive Neuroimaging

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